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I started feeding all three of my dogs K-9 Kraving raw food diet and got amazing results! I was told that my Shepherd's fur would never grow back after a horrible skin infection, and in just about a month after switching from kibble to K-9 Kraving she has all her fur back and is prettier than ever.


Hi! I just wanted to tell you guys a story about my dog. I have 3 dogs all of who have been eating K-9 Kraving since September. My dogs were on dry food before and I had dabbled in making homemade dog food for them and was looking into nutrition and such for them for a long time. My one dog Tiki is a 10 year old Australian shepherd who's body was literally suffocating him from tumors. They were in his throat (about the size of a grapefruit) under each "armpit" on his back and another on his back leg. We took him to the vet but there was nothing they could do and I even had told people at work that it was only a matter of time until he passed. He was dying. We had switched to K-9 kraving in hope of a longer life for my other two dogs but thought Tiki was a lost cause and came to terms that he would pass before the end of the year. Boy were we wrong!!! His throat tumor is a quarter of the size it was as are the ones u see his armpits and both the one on his back and back leg are 90% gone!! Even more he's like a puppy again! FULL of energy!!! This food literally gave my dog his life back and added years to his life when we thought there was no hope. He runs and plays and is his old self! We hadn't realized how old and slow and lethargic he had gotten until we got his old self back! We thought it was just him being old we didn't realize we could have our old dog back! I tell EVERYONE about k9 kravings raw diet now! I just wanted to share our story and tell you how grateful I am for your quality raw food! Prepackaged frozen raw food saved my dog! If it hadn't been so easy to feed and priced competitively I don't know if I would have tried it, but now I'll never give them anything else! Thank you for your quality product!! It was more than just dog food for us, it saved my dogs life and for that there are no words for my appreciation. Thank you for all that you do! Ps will you ever sell cat food?

S. Callahan ,

I adopted my 3-year old Pit around a year ago and ever since I’ve been sniffing the house when I come home from work to see if there’s been another attack of diarrhea and vomiting. After a year of visits to the vet, last minute calls to the dog walkers and days of “family sick leave”, a vet suggested a raw diet. Xena’s eating K-9 Kraving’s Free Range Buffalo & Turkey formula combined with probiotics. She’s had a month of normal digestion, weight gain and extra energy. She’s like a new dog! Thanks for giving me the healthy, happy dog I always knew was hiding in there.

Carol C.,
Baltimore, MD

I just wanted you to know that Brando is doing great on K-9 Kravings. It seems all along his problem was grains and soy. From the minute he started his raw diet, his stool was normal. Bobby Barrett really knows what he is talking about and is quite passionate about feeding raw.

J. Ivins

My German Shepherd, Ranger, is a big boy, weighing in at 100 pounds. Only thing is, though, it's hard to fill him up! On even good quality dry dog food, he still is kind of "edgy", like he's not satisfied after a meal. But after eating K-9 Kraving I can tell he's full and happy. Ranger is a red and tan saddle-back. I could swear the colors in his coat have become more vivid since he's been on a steady diet of K-9 Kraving. Thanks K-9 Kraving!

Denise R.
Midlothian, VA

K-9 Kraving is SO easy. I've tried other frozen raw foods and I love that K-9 Kraving is a complete mix; nothing to add, just thaw and serve. We've been serving it to our 2 Rottweilers for over 3 years and they love it and thrive on it. Great coats, clean teeth, and we feed less than we would with premium store brands so it is also economical.

Shannon O.
Albany, NY

Over a year ago, I contacted K-9 Kraving (Tamara), and in turn Dr. Patton regarding sodium selenite in the ingredients of the food. At the time, my five year old Labrador Retriever, Luna, was diagnosed with mitral and tricupsid valve disease. Our first indicator was a grade 3 heart murmur, verified by both my regular Vet and a Cardiologist, and then a follow up echocardiogram.

At the time, we were advised to look into a low sodium diet, but other than that, there wasn't much we could do. Unfortunately, because of Luna's size, we were told that she would most likely progress quicker in the disease, and to prepare for medication as it worsened.

I switched to K-9 Kraving immediately, and also began a regiment of Vitamin D and Fish Oil daily. Luna absolutely loved the food, and still does. She was always a picky eater (I know, for a Lab!) and would leave food for hours in her bowl until K-9 Kraving came along. Now, it is gone in seconds.

Two weeks ago, at a routine Vet visit her murmur was downgraded to "barely a 2". Today, her Cardiologist saw her, and agreed with the level 2 assessment.

On Luna's echocardiogram, her heart was either exactly the same in measurements, which was very good considering how mild her case was to begin with, and other functions of her heart actually improved. In the words of the Cardiologist, he said this was the best possible scenario we could have ever imagined, and to keep doing exactly what we've been doing. I know this is something we'll continue to deal with, but considering that her condition is actually better than it was a year ago, I can't help but feel optimistic.

There is no doubt in my mind that this wonderful news was a result of the food choice and supplements. I wanted to let you know what happy customers we are, and that we'll continue to spread the word about K-9 Kraving.

The only bad news in all of this is that Luna was cleared for anesthesia, so she will get that dental after all. :-)
Thanks again,

Mary D.
Silverspring, MD