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USDA Certified

Why is USDA Certified Important?

You may be surprised to learn that pet food manufacturers are not required to be USDA inspected. Being USDA Certified and inspected on a daily basis is a voluntary choice for K-9 Kraving.

It means going the extra mile.

Without being USDA inspected, other dog food manufacturers can (and do) use sub-standard and unhealthy ingredients, manufacture in poor or unsanitary conditions, or purchase poor quality or questionable ingredients from anywhere in the world.

What USDA Certifications Means:

USDA Certification means the United States Department of Agriculture formally confirms the integrity of K-9 Kraving brand products as genuine and guarantees a higher standard. During production, a USDA agent is present - inspecting every ingredient and their sources, ensuring equipment, and expiration date for freshness. Water, food handling and employees maintain strict sanitation codes.

raw dietAs a result, a company will carry the distinctive USDA Certified seal like K-9 Kraving. (A-17095)

Some companies claim their ingredients are from "USDA Inspected" sources without being certified themselves. Our distinctive USDA seal is our guarantee that our production facilities, manufacturing process and ingredients are USDA inspected.

Our USDA certification

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