Raw Dog Food

Raw Dog Food

Raw food is the most natural diet for your dog and better nutrition means a happier and healthier dog. We set out to raise the bar in quality and take the guesswork out of feeding a healthy raw dog food diet. As the first dog food manufacturer to receive USDA certification, we consistently maintain a higher level of standards with K-9 Kraving.

Our frozen raw dog food meets all your dog's nutritional requirements naturally and without any additives or preservatives. During production, a USDA agent is present - inspecting every ingredient and their sources to ensure strict sanitation codes. As a result - the ingredients on our label are exactly what you will find in our dog food.

  • Complete and Balanced  (Meets AAFCO nutritional levels for all life stages)
  • USDA Inspected
  • Fresh, all natural human-grade ingredients
  • Made entirely in the USA

Uncooked and unheated, K-9 Kraving raw dog food is formulated with muscle meat, organ meat, ground bone, vegetables and essential supplements; retaining all natural enzymes and maximum values of nutrients. Our raw dog food is easy and complete, nothing to add, just thaw and serve.

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