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How to Control Dog Shedding: Part 1

Brush Your Dog Once a Day

Brushing your dog once a day may seem a bit unnecessary, but that is by far the easiest way to control shedding. Get a dog brush designed to trap loose fur, and clean it out while you are brushing your dog. If too much fur gets in between the bristles, there may not be enough room for new fur from your dog's body. Brushing ensures that you catch the fur before it reaches your floors and furniture, so try to be as proactive as possible.

Cover Your Furniture

Upholstered furniture traps pet fur and can quickly turn into a fur ball all its own. Invest in a slick slip cover for your couch, chairs, and other fabric-covered furniture so you can easily wipe up after your dog. If you do not want to put a cover on your furniture, you can use a squeegee to pull up hair embedded in between the fibers. Just roll over the furniture like you would a car window, and you'll see the pet hair gather before your eyes.

Keep Your Dog away from Carpet

In the height of shedding season, you may need to keep your dog confined to a part of the house that does not have carpeting. Much like upholstered furniture, carpet can act as a magnet for pet fur. With the warm weather outside, your dog should naturally be drawn to cool tile floors and hardwood at this time of year. Thus he should not complain much about his new space.

Vacuum Every Surface in Your House

Your vacuum is your best friend in the peak of shedding season. Vacuum the floors and upholstered furniture in your house at least once a week to keep the fur levels low. Pay close attention to the corners of the room and around the edge of the wall where pet hair likes to hide. You may want to use a wand attachment to go over the stairs and hard to reach parts of your floor or furniture.

As a bonus, you may consider vacuuming your dog bed or washing it to get rid of pet hair. You could also use a squeegee as we mentioned above to collect the fur while he is playing outside. This will prevent your dog from bringing the loose, uncontrolled hair into the rest of your home.

Continue to Part 2 of our guide where we reveal even more ways to control dog shedding.

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