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Keeping Your Dog Active In The Winter

Keeping Your Dog Active in the Winter

Create Your Own Indoor Agility Course

An agility course provides a great way for your dog to stay active without requiring a ton of space. You can set up obstacles in your garage or living room for your dog to go up, over, through, and around. Use training treats to reward your dog after he completes difficult obstacles to help him build his confidence. This will also ensure that your dog will want to play on the agility course again so he can continue to be active in the winter.

Sign Up For Dog Training Courses

Have you been thinking of sending your dog to obedience school? Now may be the perfect time to do so. Obedience classes and other training programs are usually held indoors, giving your dog the chance to interact with other dogs in a safe, warm environment. You may also look for doggy play groups in your area that meet in indoor settings. Some churches will host events like this for their patrons inside the gymnasium. The more activities you and your pet can go through, the better off you both will be.

Have A Snowball Fight

If the temperatures are warm enough to permit some outdoor play, have a snowball fight with your dog. You can run around the yard lightly throwing snowballs for your dog to chase or try to catch. If you do not have any snow on the ground, you may opt for traditional fetch with a tennis ball instead. Either way, the goal here is to keep your dog running as much as possible to increase his body temperature to withstand the cold.

Walk Up And Down The Stairs

If you have a staircase in your home, simply walking up and down the stairs with your dog could be a great form of exercise for him. Some dogs respond well to laser pointers, much like cats. In this case, you can stand at the bottom of the steps and use the laser pointer to guide your dog up and down. You won't get any exercise this way, but your pup will have a great time chasing the little red dot.

Go On A Road Trip

If you have a chance to get away for a weekend, take your dog with you. Go to a warmer climate where your dog can run around and be active. Riding in the car won't be much of a workout, but the activities you do afterward will be. Plan a special event for just the two of you, and you can bond as you stay active in the winter.

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