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Top 5 Ways To Keep Your Dog Cool This Summer

Top 5 Ways to Keep Your Dog Cool This Summer

1 – Keep Your Dog Indoors

This may seem like an obvious solution, but there are plenty of people who keep their dogs outside all year long. This is especially true if you have a guard dog or a ranch dog for your property who needs to be outside throughout the day. If you cannot keep the dog inside the house, you may install a dog door for your garage, shed, laundry room, etc. Just make sure that room has access to air conditioning so it can stay cool. If there is no air conditioning out there, add a fan or window unit to the room to create a cool environment for your dog to relax in.

2 – Provide Plenty of Shaded Areas

Your dog needs to have several shady spots to go to in your yard. This could be a dog house, a covered porch, a freestanding umbrella, or even an overhand on your roof. Set up shady stations in multiple parts of the yard so your dog has different places to go to as the sun moves throughout the day. You may also want to put different flooring materials down underneath the shade so your dog can choose between soft grass, a cozy blanket, cool concrete, and more.

3 – Groom Your Dog

Getting rid of excess fur can greatly improve your dog's temperature regulations in the summer. Your dog will naturally shed on his own, but you can help him along the way by trimming his fur and brushing him daily. Your dog will smell worse after being out in the summer heat, so frequent bathing will do wonders for the both of you. Keep your dog clean and trimmed, and he will feel much better out in the heat.

4 – Keep His Drinking Water Cool

Your dog's drinking water plays a vital role in keeping his body cool and hydrated in the summer heat. If your dog stays outside, make sure he has plenty of water to drink throughout the day. Use a ceramic or plastic water dish – not a metal one. The metal one will heat up in the sun much faster and make the water hot as a result. You may even consider getting a refrigerated water fountain for your dog, or filling the water dish with ice and letting it melt. Your pet will appreciate the refreshing treat.

5 – Set Up a Misting System

It's easy to install a misting system in your yard, and doing so will give your dog one more way to stay cool this summer. The system can be set to mist at certain time intervals or continuously release cool water into the air. You may consider installing this around your back porch so you can also make use of it while you are outside. Otherwise, install the nozzles in a shaded area so the water does not evaporate.

BONUS TIP: Get a Kiddie Pool

For $15, you can get a simple plastic kiddy pool to put in your yard. Fill this with new water every day so your dog can stay cool, and you will have an instant source of pleasure and entertainment. When night falls, tip the pool over so you do not attract mosquitoes or other insects to your yard.

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