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Are You A Cat Person Or A Dog Person?

Are You A Cat Person or a Dog Person?

The Typical Cat Person

For the most part, cat people tend to be more laid back than dog people. This isn't to say that cat people are lazy, but they are usually less energetic than dog people. Cats require very little care. All you have to do is put food out for them and change their litter every once and a while. With dogs, you have to take them on walks and let them run around to get their energy out. This is just not something that a calm cat person would want to do.

Cat people also tend to be very affectionate. They like having an animal that will sleep in the bed next to them, and they like spending time with an animal that will cuddle up on a moment's notice. Cat people don't mind spoiling their pets, which is why most cats act like the queen or kind of the household. Cat owners go out of their way to make sure their kitties are properly pampered right from the start.

The Typical Dog Person

Dog people usually like to spend time outside. They enjoy running around with their dogs in the park or splashing with them in the pool. Dog people also enjoy traveling because they can take their dogs with them. Dogs love riding in cars, but cats hate it. If you want a pet you can take with you on the road, you might as well consider yourself a dog person.

Dog people also have a high respect for loyalty. Unlike a cat who demands attention from his owners, a dog will willingly provide it at a moment's notice. Dogs of all breeds are highly committed to their owners. That's how they earned the name “man's best friend.” If you want a pet that will stick with you through thick and thin without judgment, a dog could be the perfect fit.

A Little Bit of Both…

It is entirely possible that you are both a cat person and a dog person. If you have a love for pets as a whole and consider them parts of the family, you may fit into both categories. If you don't like the idea of having a lap pet or a playful companion in the slightest, you may be neither a dog person nor a cat person. You just have to assess your lifestyle and your overall plans for the future to select the pet that is right for you.

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