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Dried Rabbit Ears & Feet

K-9 Kraving Dried Rabbit Ear & Feet Chews for Cats and SM-MED sized Dogs are a 100% all natural, healthy treat for dogs and cats because they contain fur and hide which are high in fiber for digestive health and stool structure. A high in protein and low in fat chew treat. These awesome small chews are from the same US Veteran & Woman Owned Rabbitry as the Rabbit meat featured in our Rabbit, Duck & Vegetable diet.

Ears Averages 2.5-3 inches

Feet Averages 3-5 inches

QUANTITY: 12 Pieces


Out of stock

K-9 Kraving Raw Dog Food
100% All Natural


All natural and unprocessed. Individual color, shapes and lengths will vary

Weight 1 lbs
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