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Raw Dog Food & All Natural Dog Treats


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Video Testimonial Courtesy of E. Foley, K-9 Kraving Feeder

dogs eating rawBoth of my dogs, Gracie (American Pit Bull Terrier x, 4 years old) and Roscoe (Chihuahua x, 5 years old) loved the raw turkey neck. They have had freeze dried, but never raw so I was skeptical to see how they would react. Needless to say, each of their pieces of the turkey neck were gone in under 5 minutes. I love that K-9 Kraving is available at my local, family run pet store in quite a few different assortments. K-9 Kraving makes it easier to provide my dogs with the raw meat and bones that they need in their diets!

Dogs Eating Raw

I transitioned my 14 year old English Springer Spaniel several years ago to K-9 Kraving raw food and ALL of her allergies attributed to processed dog foods disappeared. My new Springer, Hyatt, was immediately fed on the diet since day one and has maintained a healthy body weight, a gorgeous coat and no tartar build up. K-9 Kraving is easy to use and affordable, and provides the highest quality food for your pet.

K-9 Kraving’s frozen raw food and natural treats are outstanding products and meet all my dog’s nutritional requirements naturally and without any additives or preservatives. My dog’s health, weight, coat and overall appearance have never been better. Since we started feeding K-9 Kraving our dogs have never refused a meal or experienced any gastrointestinal upsets or difficulties—which is invaluable to us as dog owners.

Hi! A few years ago I shared my appreciation for your food and we’re still loyal customers! We just got a new dog food freezer and I wanted to share a photo of our new freezer with you guys I thought you would appreciate it! I think you’ll recognize a few products in here 🙂 🙂 it’s a beautiful sight!

I started feeding all three of my dogs K-9 Kraving raw food diet and got amazing results! I was told that my Shepherd's fur would never grow back after a horrible skin infection, and in just about a month after switching from kibble to K-9 Kraving she has all her fur back and is prettier than ever.

Hi! I just wanted to tell you guys a story about my dog. I have 3 dogs all of who have been eating K-9 Kraving since September. My dogs were on dry food before and I had dabbled in making homemade dog food for them and was looking into nutrition and such for them for a long time. My one dog Tiki is a 10 year old Australian shepherd who's body was literally suffocating him from tumors. They were in his throat (about the size of a grapefruit) under each "armpit" on his back and another on his back leg. We took him to the vet but there was nothing they could do and I even had told people at work that it was only a matter of time until he passed. He was dying. We had switched to K-9 kraving in hope of a longer life for my other two dogs but thought Tiki was a lost cause and came to terms that he would pass before the end of the year. Boy were we wrong!!! His throat tumor is a quarter of the size it was as are the ones u see his armpits and both the one on his back and back leg are 90% gone!! Even more he's like a puppy again! FULL of energy!!! This food literally gave my dog his life back and added years to his life when we thought there was no hope. He runs and plays and is his old self! We hadn't realized how old and slow and lethargic he had gotten until we got his old self back! We thought it was just him being old we didn't realize we could have our old dog back! I tell EVERYONE about k9 kravings raw diet now! I just wanted to share our story and tell you how grateful I am for your quality raw food! Prepackaged frozen raw food saved my dog! If it hadn't been so easy to feed and priced competitively I don't know if I would have tried it, but now I'll never give them anything else! Thank you for your quality product!! It was more than just dog food for us, it saved my dogs life and for that there are no words for my appreciation. Thank you for all that you do! Ps will you ever sell cat food?

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