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Obese Dog

They Are What They Eat!

There is a difference between feeding a canine and nourishing a canine. If a dog eats poorly or too much of something disagreeable to his/her system --- heavy carbs, mystery-meal…

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6 Ways to Keep Your Dog Cool during Summer Walks

The summer months offer great warm weather for walking your dog. When the temperatures get too high though, your dog can overheat out in the summer sun. If you want to make this an enjoyable experience for both of you, you need to make sure your dog can cool down when he needs to. Here are six ways to keep your dog cool during summer walks.
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Teaching Children about Dog Owner Etiquette

One of the most common reasons dogs get sent to shelters or put down is because they growl, bark, or bite at children. This is not always the fault of the dog. In fact, most of the time the reaction is a direct result of improper pet etiquette. By teaching your child how to interact with dogs, you can avoid negative tension and aggression in your household that may cause you to rehome your furry friend. Here are some tips for teaching your children about dog owner etiquette.
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