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Dear K-9 Kraving Customers –

Over the past year and more, you have likely noticed several price increases on a majority of K-9 Kraving Frozen Raw Complete & Balanced Diets, Dietary Supplements, Necks and Bones, as well as several Dried Treat items.

Because of our amazing suppliers, we have, for the most part, avoided disruption in production; however, we have not been able to escape:

  • Increased fuel charges on our incoming orders from suppliers
  • Higher raw goods pricing from suppliers; the lack of laborers reduces production and increases $/lb
  • Increased pricing on other production materials: boxes, shears, cleaning agents, etc.

We have always prided ourselves on maintaining a daily “best price” by not adding marketing budgets to our bottom line. As a result, despite the rising costs around us, we are still an extremely competitively priced premium grade product.

These have been some tough times to navigate and we wanted to be upfront and transparent as to why there has been so many uncharacteristic increases over the past 1 ½ years.

Some considerations if needing to alter purchasing to remain on budget:

If feeding:

  • Patties…opt for Bulk Patties or Rolls
  • 1 or 2# rolls? …try our 5# economy rolls
  • Feeding Beef & Vegetable, try Chicken, Beef & Vegetable Blend
  • OR… Chicken & Vegetable mixed with Green Tripe

Need assistance to navigate adjustments? Please feel free to contact our K-9 Kraving Technical Manager @; we are always happy to assist existing and potential K-9 Kraving customers.

Sincerely, Team K-9 Kraving

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