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Raw Dog Food & All Natural Dog Treats

Our Process

K-9 Kraving is manufactured by Boesl Packing Company, Inc. located in Baltimore, Maryland. Watch our video for an inside look at our process, ingredients and quality control.

K-9 Kraving is manufactured at our plant comprised of 21,000-square feet of dedicated manufacturing, on-site packaging, industrial refrigeration, freezing and dry storage space.

Our products are made utilizing stainless steel human-grade equipment and strict sanitation standards. We take pride in the fact that we were the first dog food manufacturer to be USDA certified.

An inside look at our manufacturing:

K-9 Kraving is a Complete & Balanced raw diet dog food developed by Boesl Packing Company and a PhD in Animal Nutrition.

How we produce an optimally safe raw diet dog food:

  • We only use proven high-quality ingredients that are stored at 8-degrees Fahrenheit on-site.
  • Each and every 250-pound batch of K-9 Kraving raw diet dog food produced is carefully and accurately measured for continuity in quality, nutritional value and texture.
  • We use a cold-manufacturing method; all raw food components consistently remain below 28-degrees Fahrenheit throughout the entire production and packaging process. Our team works diligently in a temperature controlled production area to avoid the onset of harmful bacteria.
  • Only commercial grade stainless steel equipment is used to process and package frozen muscle meat, organ meat, ground bone and vegetables with our vitamin and mineral mix. To prevent cross-contamination, all equipment is sanitized daily and between producing varying protein formulas.
  • Each complete batch of K-9 Kraving is transferred, on-site, for immediate packaging. K-9 Kraving is packaged into airtight chubs or vacuum packed patties, providing fresh tasting food for your canine companion.

Ingredients Sourcing

made in the usa

K-9 Kraving is proudly made in the USA. Our Certified Human Grade proteins, fresh ground bone and  fresh whole, human grade vegetables are Born, Bred, Raised & Manufactured in the USA. We only import federally regulated wild-caught, ethoxyquin-free, human grade, fresh whole Mackerel from Canada. Read more about our ingredients.

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