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Copper in dog food needs AAFCO safe upper limit

This article and highlighted concern for many of us is not a [recent] concern. We at K-9 Kraving have navigated this very conversation many times over the years.

So what is K-9 Kraving’s stance as it relates to copper content in our dietary formula’s?

ANSWER: We as a company are just as responsible as we are as canine handlers. Below are some important considerations of how K-9 Kraving (dog food manufacturer) and You (canine handler) do and can make a safe difference:

1. There is a quote by Dr. Richard Patton, PhD – Animal Nutrition, he states, “In the science of nutrition, enough is plenty!”

What this means is, a properly formulated Complete & Balanced diet “meets” the essential needs of canine nutrition. Well-meaning handlers often add MORE to their canine’s diet that can exceed a canine’s needs that can cause health issues… “In the science of nutrition ENOUGH is PLENTY”

2. What is enough?

A properly formulated canine diet keeps in consideration the amount of nutrients contributed through “natural ingredients” (in this case we are discussing copper). The most copper-rich ingredients in dog foods are beef liver and whole grains.

In K-9 Kraving diets, we do NOT use any whole grains, however, we do use liver in our formulations as 1/3 of our 27% Organ Meat portion. It stands to reason that if your dog or breed of dog struggles with or has a congenital sensitivity to Copper Storage Disease, choose a diet that does not contain Beef Liver. Instead, consider a poultry option.

In either of the cases above, K-9 Kraving is 100% scientifically formulated and is aware that enough is plenty. The amount of Liver used in our diets compliments the AAFCO required minimum of copper supplement as part of our patented Vitamin, Mineral & Trace Mineral Mix. Enough is plenty.

3. How else can a handler avoid excess copper intake with their canine?

Avoiding unnecessary supplementation and being mindful of copper content already used sufficiently in your choice of prepared dog food is a great start. But there is another crucial consideration… treats. Many treats contain liver as it is aromatic and flavorful. In moderation, this can be a fine option; however, if you have a dog/breed who is sensitive to copper storage, choose another treat.

K-9 Kraving does offer 3 different liver treats. All of them should definitely be used in moderation. We also offer several other treats that do not use liver which are ideal to complement concerns surrounding copper storage.

In summary, 4 easy ways to avoid excess copper in your canine’s intake:

ONE: Understand 100% what & why you are supplementing in your canine’s food. If the adequacy statement reads:……(fill in the blank) dog food is formulated to meet the nutritional levels established by AAFCO Dog Food Nutrient Profiles For All Life Stages — THEN there isn’t a need to add anything unless professionally directed by your DVM, Holistic DVM, Canine Nutritionist, or other canine health specialist.

TWO: Choose a protein best suited for your dog’s age, weight, breed, and activity level

THREE: Be 100% mindful of the treats you select and the ingredients they contain.

FOUR: Remember, “Enough is Plenty”. Or in other words, avoid killing your canine with kindness.

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