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How to Keep Your Senior Dog Healthy

Senior dogs are still as loving and loyal as younger dogs, but they require a little extra care because of their age. Whether you've adopted a new senior dog or you have had the same pup for 10+ years, there are some things you can do to ensure he is living a healthy, happy life. In the guide below, we will go over how to keep your senior dog healthy so you can enjoy years of bonding and fun with your pet.
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How to Control Dog Shedding: Part 2

So far in our shedding discussion, we have talked about ways to control dog hair through cleaning efforts and daily brushing routines. In Part 2 of the guide, we will take a closer look at your dog's health and how it impacts the amount of hair he sheds in the summer. By keeping your dog healthy and groomed, you can greatly reduce the amount of pet hair you have to clean up in your home.
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How to Control Dog Shedding: Part 1

With the summer coming up, your dog is probably starting to shed off his winter coat. This is the time of year that most dog owners dread because it means extra maintenance keeping up with the pet hair. Rather than letting your home get lost in the fur, there are some steps you can take to keep the house clean and fresh. Here is a guide explaining how to control dog shedding so you can take back your home this summer.
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Adopting a Dog from Craigslist: 10 Tips for Successful Adoptions (Part 1)

Rather than going to a shelter to adopt a dog, many pet lovers in the modern world are turning to Craigslist to find their furry companions. Craigslist can be a great place to locate adorable puppies, hard to find breeds, free dogs, rescue opportunities, and more, but it can also put you in scary situations. In order to have a pleasant experience from start to finish, about these 10 mistakes for Craigslist pet adoptions.
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The Right Way to Store Raw Dog Food

A lot of dog lovers avoid feeding their pets raw dog food for fear that it will get spoiled and contaminated. While that is a possibility with improper preparation, the risk here is no higher than the risk you would face handling raw meat for your family. As long as the food is stored, cleaned, and prepared correctly, your dog will get great health benefits from consuming raw meat.
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How to Teach Your Old Dog New Tricks

Senior dogs can learn how to do tricks just as well as puppies can. They just take a little extra time and patience. If you're willing to put in the work, you can get a ton of reward from having a well-trained senior dog. Whether you're trying to correct a bad behavior or you are trying to impress your party guests, use the tips below to teach your old dog new tricks.
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