Learning The Right Way To Give Your Dog Treats

dog treats

Giving your dog a treat is a great way to train them to exhibit behaviors that are not in a dog’s nature, such as following voice commands or not running away from you while outside. There are multiple ways to use treats to train a dog; however, it is important you do not get your dog into bad habits by using treats as more of a bribe to do what you want rather than a reward for doing something well.

There is a fine line between these two things and it is important to know it as it will be the difference on having a healthy well behaved dog and an overweight greedy dog that needs something dangled in front of them to perform even the simplest of tasks. This article will give you a short idea on how you can use our all natural products such as sweet potato dog treats to make your furry friend a better behaved dog.

Avoid Bad Training Tactics with your Dog

When you are giving your dog a reward the most important thing to remember is to give it to them immediately after they have done something positive. For example, if your dog goes to the bathroom on the floor and you put it outside do not give it a treat after it returns. Instead, next time the dog goes to the bathroom where it is supposed to give it a small treat and some sort of verbal recognition of their positive actions. Reward your dog immediately after the positive action and you’ll be surprised at how quickly they begin to “get it”.

Positive reinforcement through healthy treats is a powerful tool for food motivated dogs. And, all the treats you will be giving out can pack on some extra calories. Once the dog understands the voice command or signal completely and begins to respond all the time, start to phase out the treat on every positive occasion and substitute praise rewards instead.

Some treats can be fattening for your dog – the dog equivalent to super sugary snacks for us. Even the healthiest treat will have some added calories so during training with treats, you may consider cutting back on the volume of food at mealtime to compensate for the added treats. Consider using more natural options such as our sweet potato dog treats which you can give to your dog knowing they will be rewarded with good health as well as a delicious treat.

Start Training Your Dog the Healthy Way Today

There are many books and online guides you can read to help you train your dog the right way. Using treats in the right way can definitely help you develop a well-trained dog. Go to our online store today and get healthy sweet potato dog treats and other great flavors that your dog will enjoy and you can feel good about giving to him.

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