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Dog Food Guaranteed Analysis Calculator

If you are comparing dog foods, one place to look is the Guaranteed Analysis on the label. There are other important comparisons (like ingredients) but the Guaranteed Analysis will always contain essential nutritional values like protein, fat, fiber and moisture.

The common formula is “% Ingredient Value/100% – X% Moisture X 100 = Dry Matter Basis %

Be aware that the guaranteed analysis alone is not the only comparison you need to make. Protein can come from good or bad sources depending on the quality of ingredients used in the food.

We created this calculator to make it easier to compare nutrient values. Simply input the values from two samples you are comparing to convert both to a dry matter basis.

Your Values

(Input your values to compare)

Nutrient Product 1 Product 2


(Dry Matter Basis)

Nutrient Product 1 Product 2
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