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K-9 Kraving Supports Bella’s Bully Buddies with a Yummy Surprise

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A Holiday Treat for Dogs in Rescue

Baltimore, MD, December 2018 – For Christmas this year, K-9 Kraving donated 50 Jumbo All-natural Chew Treats to Bella’s in hopes of giving some much-needed yummy pacification to canines in transition. Scott Snyder, Owner of K-9 Kraving shares, “It brings me joy to give back to such a great organization.”

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Since 2014, K-9 Kraving and Bella’s Bully Buddies have been partnered in nurturing their rescue charges; providing excellent nutrition to these canines and allowing them to be at their physical AND mental best. A balanced diet offers optimal health and wellbeing; with proper nourishment, a canine can grow and develop to his/her full potential. When a body receives good nutrition, and a dog feels satisfied and healthy, both physical and mental activities become easier and more fun for them.

Bella’s Bully Buddies is an all-volunteer, non-profit organization whose mission is to rescue pit bull type dogs from abuse, neglect and abandonment. While the dogs are in our care, we provide excellent nutrition, training and enrichment, veterinary care and lots of love in our network of foster homes. Our goal is to find each and every one of them a forever home where they will be loved as a part of the family for the rest of their lives. Through everyday interactions and community events we work to educate the public about the loyal, intelligent and loving nature of pit bull dogs as companions and family members. Learn more at: www.bellasbullybuddies.com

K-9 Kraving is a pioneer in the pet food industry with the introduction of a healthy raw dog food diet. In 2004, K-9 Kraving was introduced to the marketplace as the first USDA Certified pet food manufacturer nationwide – lending testimony to the highest quality ingredients and manufacturing practices in the industry. Today, K-9 Kraving produces a variety of raw diet recipes along with all natural, healthy dog treats in their 21,000-square foot facility located in Baltimore, Maryland. The owner and staff are dedicated to producing the most nutritious dog food for all their canine customers across the USA.

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