The Ultimate Thanksgiving Leftovers Guide for Dogs

Turkey Leftovers for Dogs

For the most part, turkey is perfectly healthy to feed to dogs. We offer turkey and vegetable raw dog food as part of our product line. This lean protein offers great nutrients for your pet, and it’s tasty enough for your dog to love. Be careful with skin or excess fat on any piece of turkey you feed him, and make sure there are no bones hidden in the meat. White meat is better than dark meat, so stick with the breasts when you part with your scraps.

Side Dishes for Dogs

Many Thanksgiving side dishes are great for dogs, like green beans, sweet potatoes, broccoli, carrots and mashed potatoes. The issue you may run into here is how the side dishes are prepared. For instance, plain mashed potatoes will not hurt your dog’s stomach, but cheese, onions, or gravy might. Some side dishes are hard for dogs to digest, like corn that does not break down in the digestive system. If you aren’t sure if your pet can handle the other ingredients in the side you have prepared, it would be best to leave that off the menu. Tip: Be particularly cautious about appetizer trays that contain grapes, cheese cubes, and similar ingredients. Those foods are easy to feed to dogs, but they are harmful to your pet’s health.

Desserts for Dogs

Most desserts are not dog-friendly, especially those with chocolate in them. Chocolate is a toxic food for dogs that could kill your favorite pet under the wrong circumstances. Pecan pie contains large nuts that could get lodged in your dog’s throat, and most treats are just too sweet for your pet’s body to handle. It’s best to stay away from the dessert table when you go to feed your little one.

WARNING: Do NOT Feed Your Dog Yeast Rolls

It’s no secret that alcohol is bad for dogs, but what you may not realize is that certain food ingredients can turn into alcohol in your dog’s stomach. Such is the case with yeast dough that you may use for your Thanksgiving dinner rolls. What may seem like a harmless piece of bread could be a disaster waiting to happen.

Create Your Own Doggy Thanksgiving Meal

As an alternative to feeding your dog part of your Thanksgiving meal, you could create a meal just for him. Check out some of our creative flavor combinations to make a Thanksgiving-inspired treat that your pooch can enjoy. You could mix in some of your turkey leftovers with our raw turkey food, or you could stick with what we have to offer. No matter what, your dog is sure to have a great Thanksgiving with the whole family.

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