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How Much Food Should My Dog Eat?

Check Your Dog Food Feeding Chart

Most brands of dog food come with a feeding chart you can use to approximate your portions. Our raw diet feeding chart goes over the amount of food you should provide for dogs based on their weight and activity levels. These amounts will be vastly different than the portion sizes for traditional dry or wet dog food. Look over the chart for your specific brand to get an idea of what you should feed your dog.

How Much Food Should a Puppy Eat?

Puppies are tough to plan meals for because you don't always know how large they will grow as adults. If you buy a purebred puppy, you may have a better indication than you would if you get a mixed breed or if you find a stray to take in. For the most part, you should feed your puppy small amounts of food several times a day. Your puppy will naturally get excited when you put food out, but he should not act frantic and starving. If this happens with your pup, consider increasing the amount of food you put out. If your puppy seems disinterested in food, you may want to cut back to avoid overfeeding him.

How Much Food Should an Inactive Dog Eat?

Inactive dogs burn through fewer calories throughout the day, so they are not required to eat as much food as active dogs. With that in mind, your dog may beg for food if you feed him the proper amount because his brain thinks he should be eating more than what his body actually needs. Shortly after eating, take your dog on a walk or let him gnaw on a chew toy to get his mind off food. You may also consider feeding smaller portions at more frequent times so your dog feels full all day long.

How Much Food Should an Active Dog Eat?

Active dogs can eat as much as they want as long as they are not gaining weight. If you have a large yard that your dog runs through all day long, he may require more food than a dog that only plays once or twice in the day. Activity levels may change with the weather or other events, so try to adjust your feeding accordingly. Also note changes in your dog's eating habits as he ages, as he may not require as much food to stay fit.

Feeding Dogs with Special Health Concerns

If your dog has a medical condition that requires a specific diet, follow the feeding instructions from your veterinarian. Stay in communication with him about your dog's eating habits so you can make adjustments accordingly.

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