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The Dangers of Supermarket Pet Foods

Higher Risks of Health Problems

High quality pet food is designed to boost your pet’s immune system and sustain healthy levels of nutrients your dog needs to grow. Supermarket pet foods have a tendency to be filled with “fluffer” ingredients that won’t do much for your dog’s health. It’s the equivalent of feeding your child fast food every day instead of fruits and vegetables. Without proper nutrition, your dog is at a higher risk of developing health problems later on, especially if he or she sustains a poor diet at a young age. If you want your dog to be as healthy as possible, you need to make sure his food fits the bill.

Stunted Growth

As we mentioned above, good pet food will help your dog’s overall health. This will promote strong bone growth, shiny fur, healthy teeth, and much more. Cheap, generic dog food does not have the same nutrients in it, so it cannot help your dog grow to his or her full potential. Whether you have a puppy or a senior dog, you want that growth level to be as high as possible.

Pet Obesity

All the fluffers in supermarket pet foods are recipes for pet obesity. Your dog isn’t getting good nutrition. He’s just getting enough to sustain his appetite. This food does not break down and process like it is supposed to in the digestive system because it’s not natural. If your dog is not overweight already, there is a good chance he will be after an extended diet of low quality pet foods.

Unpleasant Odors

As unpleasant as it is to read about, the fact is that filler foods make dogs gassy. Instead of absorbing nutrients from the food like your dog is supposed to do, his or her body is identifying most of it as waste. That means more poop, more gas, and more smells for you to deal with throughout the day. If your dog passes a lot of gas, it may be the result of the food he’s eating. Slowly transitioning him to a better diet could help your home smell better and your dog feel better at the same time.

Shorter Lifespans

If you want your dog to lead a long, healthy life, you need food that is going to take him there. You can add years to your dog’s life just by feeding him the right food as soon as possible. This is particularly important during the puppy years and senior years of your dog’s life when his or her body goes through the most changes. Maintain a solid, healthy diet designed for your dog specifically, and you will be able to make tons of amazing memories with your furry friend.

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