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Making Your Cat and Dog Get Along: Part 2

dog and cat

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Identify the Root of the Problem (Continued)

Once you observe how your cat and dog interact with one another, you can determine what you need to do to help them get along better. It’s not always about punishing your cat or dog for bad behavior. In fact, doing that may only make the situation worse. You need to figure out why your pets are fighting and then decide what you can do for them.

Common and Creative Solutions to Cat and Dog Fights

The solution to your cats and dogs fighting may not be obvious at first. Here are some creative ways to correct common problems between pets:

• If your dog is chasing your cat, you may benefit from going through obedience training. Keep in mind that you, the owner, need to complete the training course as well so you know how to control your dog’s behavior. Then when you see the dog doing something wrong, you will have the tools and expertise necessary to correct the action.

• If your cat is lashing out in defense, you will need to see why the cat feels threatened. This may be because the cat has a shy personality, or it may be because the dog is acting aggressively toward her. Provide your cat with a place where she can get away from your dog entirely, and she should calm down accordingly.

• If the dog tries to play with your cat too much, give him special toys to keep his attention. You may also choose to let your dog outside more often than your cat so he can run off his excess energy in the yard. In some cases, it may be best to get another dog for your first dog to play with so that he feels like he has a companion. You just have to make sure your cat will have peaceful solitude in this situation – not an extra nuisance to worry about.

• If the cat is in constant fear of your dog, give him an escape option. Since cats are such great climbers, you can provide your cat with a set of ramps or a cat tree to sleep in that your dog cannot get into. Cats enjoy being in high places, where they can see everything going on around them. Create a sanctuary for your feline friend so he can feel completely comfortable in your home.

• If your pets are territorial, provide them with separate places for eating and sleeping. Try feeding your cat and your dog at the same time in two separate rooms, and give them both a special bed or enclosure to call their own. For dogs, crates work well, and they provide an ideal place for training. For cats, window perches and high-placed beds offer a comfortable vantage point for them to call their own. If your pets are territorial of you, give them enough individual attention to surpass their concerns.

• If your cat or dog gets jealous, devote special time to each of them. You may spend one-on-one time with your dog through dog walks and outdoor play. You may do this at night with your cat by allowing her to sleep on your bed. The goal is to make each pet feel like you truly care about them. They are less likely to fight if they are not worried about abandonment.

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