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The Right Way to Store Raw Dog Food

Here is a guide explaining the right way to store raw dog food.

Raw Dog Food Storage: The Basics

For the most part, storing raw dog food is just like storing any raw meat you may cook for your family. Keep the food frozen until you use it, and put what you don't need back in the freezer. You may thaw a portion of the raw dog food in the fridge prior to serving, and you may refrigerate the leftovers for a few days before it goes bad. To protect other foods in your freezer, store the frozen dog food away from everything else, possibly in its own container.

Advanced Raw Food Storage Tips

Bacteria grow best around 70° to 100°F. That is why meat rots so quickly whenever it is left out of the refrigerator for too long. Ideally, your refrigerator needs to be kept between 34° and 40°F in order to prevent the bacteria from growing at all, or at least reducing the growth rate so that the food remains healthy. Make sure that the food is sealed well when refrigerated or frozen, pushing as much air from the storage container as possible.

Signs Your Raw Dog Food Is Going Bad

Immediately discard your raw dog food if it meets any of the following criteria:
•    The food smells foul or rancid, like rotten meat or sour milk
•    The freezer or refrigerator was not working for an extended period of time
•    The raw food has been left out for several hours, or overnight
•    There are mold spores growing on the packaging or the surface of the food
•    The food appears to be frostbitten and crackling on the surface

If you wouldn't trust feeding the food to your family, don't feed it to your dog. Replace it with a new batch of raw dog food to ensure your dog stays healthy.

Cleaning up after Raw Dog Food

Clean your work space thoroughly after preparing raw dog food so you do not contaminate the people in your home or any other food you may prepare on that space. Wash your hands and utensils well, and you will be able to keep everyone – including your pet – safe around raw food.

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