Convincing Your Dog to Sleep in His Dog Bed

Start with the Right Bed

If you do not have the right bed for your breed of dog, your dog may not be inclined to sleep where you want him to. For instance, if you have a large breed dog, having a small bed may make him feel to confined and uncomfortable. If you have a small breed dog, a large bed may seem overwhelming and unsafe. Get a bed that fits your dog's size, shape, and activity levels so he will feel at ease sleeping in his bed.

Make Sure the Bed Is Clean

Even though dogs can sleep in nearly any condition, some dogs are a little picky about the cleanliness of their environment. If your dog's bed is dirty or covered in hair, fleas, lint, etc., he or she may not want to sleep there. You are more likely to clean your personal furniture than your dogs bed, so it would be logical to assume that your dog would prefer sleeping on the couch or recliner then on his dog bed. If possible, get a bed with a cover on it so you can easily wash it or vacuum it on a weekly basis. If your dog spends a lot of time outside, you may have to clean the bed more frequently than that. Think about what you would be willing to sleep on if you were a dog, and translate that to the care that you take for your dog's bed.

Reward Your Dog for Good Behavior

If you are trying to train your dog to go to his bed, you can use dog treats to signal your dog to the area, and then use basic commands like sit or stay to keep him in that vicinity. If your dog responds properly, you can reward him with a dog treat or his favorite toy. This will work best if your dog already understand basic commands, but you can also use this as part of his general training process. If you have a puppy, you may be able to use the treats to help your dog distinguish between the bed, the food area, the potty area, and other zones in your home.

Put the Bed in the Right Location

In many cases, a dog will be more drawn to his dog bed if it is in a quiet corner of the room. Otherwise, the dog may get distracted by people and objects passing through the area, so he will not be as willing to sit still. You may even have a back room of the house where you put the dog bed so that it is quiet and comfortable, and your dog can feel at peace. Play around with some different locations and see what your dog is most drawn to. Also keep in mind where your dog naturally goes to lay down, and consider orienting the bed to that location.

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