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Keeping Short Haired Dogs Warm in the Winter

Invest in Dog Sweaters, Coats, and Jackets

Dog clothing is a key element to keeping a short haired dog warm in the winter. What you may think is “adorable” or “cute” could make a major difference in the comfort level your dog experiences in the cold months. Buy sweaters, coats, and other winter clothing that is designed to fit your dog’s size and shape. Invest in durable materials that are not going to fray or get damaged while your dog is outside. You may want to buy several different outfits (light, medium, and heavy) to fit the different temperature levels that come to your area over the winter.

Get Dog Boots

Winter boots for dogs are another essential element to keeping your pet comfortable in the winter. Not only will the boots warm up your dog’s feet, but they will also prevent your dog from catching frostbite. Some breeds of dogs have fur over the pads of their feet that protect against frostbite, but many do not. Since most short haired dogs do not come from cold climates, it would be safe to assume that your dog needs boots to keep his feet protected in the snow.

Use a Warming Blanket

It doesn’t matter how warm your house may feel to you. In the winter time, your dog is going to seek out the warmest spot in the house – which will likely be your bed. In order to keep your dog off your bed and still allow him to feel warm and secure, you can get a heating blanket to put in his dog bed. This will act much like an electric heating pad for a full size bed, but it will be small enough to fit on the pad for your dog’s bed. If your dog stays outside most of the day, this would certainly be a wise investment for the bed inside his dog house.

Find Indoor Dog Parks

If you are lucky enough to live in an area with an indoor dog park, you should take your dog there when the winter months hit. This will give your dog a chance to run around and release his energy while still staying safe from the cold temperatures. If you do not have an indoor dog park, you could contact local doggy daycare centers to find out how much they charge for a single session. They should have the facilities necessary to let your dog play inside.

Consider your short haired dog’s safety this winter, and you will be able to keep your pet happy and healthy all throughout the year.

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