They Are What They Eat!

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There is a difference between feeding a canine and nourishing a canine. If a dog eats poorly or too much of something disagreeable to his/her system — heavy carbs, mystery-meal ingredients, preservatives, artificial colors and flavors, high levels of grains, etc. … it can lead to poor “mental” health:

  • Unpredictable Behavior
  • Very Low or Very Wired Energy Levels
  • Reduced Ability to Focus/Learn

Adversely, if a canine is well nourished he/she thrives:

  • Well-mannered when combined with Canine Good Citizen Training
  • Positive Energy that can be spent through typical aerobic and mental stimuli
  • Increased ability to learn new things (tricks, commands, boundaries)

Common “physical” attributes of poor nutrition:

  • Obesity – starches in foods heavy with grains, translate to sugar during digestion; this is hard on their organs (increased chance of canine diabetes) as it is on their waste-lines
  • Body/Breath Odors and Plaque laden teeth
  • Poor Skin/Coat – Itchiness, yeasty patches, lacking a full coat
  • Constipation/Bloat – compaction of starchy materials lingering too long in the gut
  • Diarrhea – a natural inability to process certain fats/proteins or due to declined positive gut bacteria from sub-par feed or medications

Opposed to “physical” attributes of good to great canine nutrition:

  • Lean silhouetted frame
  • Stool quality and teeth/breath are clean and fresher naturally
  • Shiny coats and supple skin
  • Continuity in stool: regularity, smaller amount of waste, easy to digest and easy to pass
  • Stability of gut bacteria, most notably with a raw diet

Dog TV –Everything Dogs, further explores the above topics: HOW DOES YOUR DOG’S FOOD AFFECT HIS WELL-BEING? 

But what if you are doing everything you can for your dog’s greatest nourishment but there are still some behavioral issues?

A couple years ago I was introduced to this study regarding aggressive dog behavior mirroring low levels of Omega 3’s. Canines exhibiting “inexplicable” aggression/general crankiness shared the same biological trait…low levels of Omega 3’s.

The Dog Digest shares some great details in their article “Can Omega-3 Fish Oil Make Your Dog Less Aggressive?” :

K-9 Kraving offers excellent sources of fatty amino’s/Omega 3’s in fresh, raw, prepared, and “thaw & serve” options:

For pups/dogs with gastro upsets, consider K-9 Kraving’s:

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