Cold Weather Safety for Dogs: Part 1

As the weather starts to cool down, you may notice changes in your dog’s behavior. Even dogs that enjoy cold weather often need extra warmth and shelter in the fall and winter months. In order to keep your dog safe throughout the year, follow these cold weather dog safety tips below. They will ensure your pet stays happy, warm, and healthy even when the temperatures drop.

healthy dog treats

Choosing the Healthiest Dog Treats

When choosing treats for your dog, you should consider the ingredients more now than ever before. Not all dog treats are created equal and your dog doesn’t really care what’s on the package – so it is up to you to read, research and choose sensibly.

Carrots & Canines

We can trace the use of carrots as far back as 500 BC. It was well known by the ancients and is mentioned by several Greek and Latin writers. These old writers told of how they had made a poultice from the roots that would mitigate the pain of cancerous ulcers…

How to Keep Your Pet’s Coat Shiny

There is a certain sense of pride that comes along with having a good looking pet. A shiny coat is a sign of great care on your part as a pet owner, and it’s a sign that your dog has a healthy and happy life. Some animals naturally have softer coats than others, but there are a few things you can do to make your pet look his best every time. Check out this guide to learn how to keep your pet’s coat shiny and soft.

dog socialization

Acclimating a Shy Dog to Human Contact

Some pets are shier than others when it comes to human contact. They may allow one or two people to come around them, but they aren’t too keen on interacting with the world. This is often the case with adopted pets because they may have come from abusive or neglecting homes. The tips below explain how to acclimate a shy dog to human contact so you can enjoy bonding and cuddling with your favorite companion.

Making Your Cat and Dog Get Along: Part 1

The phrase "fighting like cats and dogs" is somewhat irrelevant in the modern world. Years of training and domestication have allowed cats, dogs, and other pets to cohabitate in perfect harmony. In many cases, pets from opposite sides of the natural world will become the best of friends, enjoying a lifetime of peaceful coexistence.

If you are introducing a new pet to your family or simply trying to create new harmony between your pets, the tips below will help you establish a sense of peace in your home.

How Much Food Should My Dog Eat?

Feeding your dog the right amount of dog food is often a matter of trial and error. Differences in weight, age, activity levels, and breeds will all play a role in the amount of food your dog needs to survive. The type of food you feed your dog will also influence the meal sizes you set out for him. Thus it may take some time to figure out what the right balance is for your dog.

Here are some tips to help you understand how much food your dog should eat so you can keep him healthy and fit.

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